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Phi-Growth's Plan

1) Making Ghana A Net Exporter of Agricultural Commodities
2) Moving To The Top Of Key Agricultural Value Chains
3) Reinvest Profit To Build High Quality Schools and Homes powered by Solar.

Phi-Grow Partnered with the District Chief Executive of Okere District Assembly: Daniel Kenneth to put dreams into action.

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"In 2017, Africa spent $64.5 billion on importing food, and may spend even more in subsequent and forthcoming years. This is unsustainable, irresponsible, and unaffordable. It is also completely unnecessary."

"Africa has 65% of the world’s remaining uncultivated arable land, an abundance of fresh water and about 300 days of sunshine each year. More than 60% of Africa’s working population is engaged in agriculture, and the soil across most of the continent is rich and fertile. We are losing precious foreign exchange by continuing to pay for food to be imported, so we must quickly eliminate the negative balance, and start to sow, grow, process, consume, and ultimately to export the food ourselves."

"Modern agriculture, driven by technologies such as drought resilience, crop protection and yield enhancement, can also contribute substantially to employment and wealth creation as well as to the improvement of health and nutrition on the continent. As such, agriculture is building the cornerstone of Africa’s economic transformation."

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